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KB Training & French Open

Today I had every intention of going to the gym for BodyPump but when I saw that the semifinals of the French Open would be airing at 11am I decided to stay home and workout while watching the Federer vs. Djokovic match.

I love watching tennis! As I type this it looks like Djokovic has the match in the bag, up two sets to none and on serve in the third set. A Djokovic vs. Nadal final will be very stressful fun to watch. I’m a HUGE Nadal fun and hated seeing him lose to Djokovic in every final last year. If they play in the finals on Sunday and Nadal wins I will be a very happy girl. VAMOS RAFA!

Today’s workout came from Marianne, from MYOMYTV. I did her Two Tier Kettlebell Workout.

Part two of this workout is a killer! When I do her workouts I always feel like I’m so out of shape because it’s so tough to complete them, but after it’s all over I always feel amazing. Her workout called for three rounds for both Part 1 and Part 2 but I only did two rounds (and that almost killed me!) because I decided to add some core exercises from StrongLikeSusan‘s Ab Challenge!! I love working upper body and lower body but I hate working my core so this ab challenge will be perfect for me. I love how her videos are short and to the point but full of really good content.

Tomorrow I’m definitely going to BodyPump! I haven’t been to class all week and I really miss the fun music and awesome vibe from the people in class. Hope you all have a great weekend! Oh, and Djokovic just won…


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