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Mother Daughter Bootcamp #2

This week  was my come back to all things fitness! I restarted my Bikram yoga practice, I attended three BodyPump classes, and I did my scheduled Sunday bootcamp “class” with my mom. I’m not certified to lead a class yet so I don’t feel comfortable using that word but it’s basically what I’m doing. I come up with a workout plan, teach my mom the exercises, and we work our butts off for one hour. We even had a random guy join us in the middle of our workout! That was so exciting for me!! I saw him huffing and puffing (YES!!) and he even said he would try to make it again next Sunday. Oh yeah! I’m good!! Just kidding.

This is the workout I did with my mom and a random guy this morning:


Warm Up

– Five minute jog

– Alternating high knees & jumping jacks x1 minute (do each one for 15 secs.)

– From standing, walk your hands out into plank, walk hands back and touch your toes x5

– Walk hands into plank, hold, and go straight into Plank Jacks x5 (repeat 3x)

– Ballistic Stretching (Arm rolls, arm swings, etc.)

Part One: Six Exercise Circuit (45 sec. work/ 15 sec. rest)  * Repeat for 3 rounds.

1. Pushups

2. Jump Squats

3. Tricep Dips

4. Kettlebell Swings

5. Reverse Push Ups using the Lebert Equalizer

6. Burpees (I HATE these!!)

We completed one round of all six exercises, took a 30 second break and then repeated the circuit two more times, for a total of three rounds.

Part Two: Bear Crawl and Crab Walk

You can see Part One and Part Two of our workout in the video below:

Unfortunately the battery died during our  Bear Craw and Crab Walk so I didn’t get the rest of the workout on video. I wish I had remembered to fully charge the battery the night before so you could have seen the random guy joining our workout! Oh well, back to the workout…

Part Three: Walking lunges for distance

Complete walking lunges with no rest for a set distance or for a set time. I think we did about 5 minutes of walking lunges! It was brutal!! We were trying to circle the area around where we were doing our workout.

Part Four: Farmers Walk using two kettlebells

For this exercise all you do is take two kettlebells (or you can hold two dumbbells), hold one in each hand, and walk for a set distance or set time. We walked for distance around the the area where we were working out. This will kill your forearms. It’s great for working on your grip strength.

Part Five: Repeat the Six Exercise Circuit– 30 sec. work/ 15 sec. rest for three rounds

Yes… my mom thought the workout was over after the Farmers Walk, but no! It keeps going. Repeat the Six Exercise Circuit but instead of doing each exercise for 45 seconds, drop the time to 30 seconds with a 10 second recovery period.

Part Six: Core

Do each exercise for 60 sec. work/ 15 sec. rest

1. Seated Knee Tuck: Sit on the floor with knees bent and arms a few inches behind you. Tuck your knees to your chest while bringing your torso close to the knees. Use your hands for balance. If its too easy raise your arms up in the air while doing the knee tuck. 

2. Plank with opposite elbow-to-knee: Start in push up position. Bring your right knee to touch your left elbow. Take your right leg back and repeat on the opposite leg.

3. Ab Roll up: Start laying down on your mat with arms raised overhead. Roll up and touch your toes. Slowly lower yourself back into the mat keeping your core engaged. Repeat.

Finish working core with Partner Hand to Hand Plank: Start in push up position facing your partner. Touch your partners hand by raising your right arm just as your partner will raise his/her left arm. As soon as your hands make contact repeat with the opposite hand. 

Cooldown & Stretch

This was a great workout. I loved it because you really work both your upper and lower body. It’s great for building strength and it’s an awesome cardio workout as well.

What makes this workout extra special is that it was structured 100% by me. Obviously I think it’s a good workout because I came up with it but to have a random person join in because he liked what he was seeing us do made me very happy!


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